Seeing your baby for the first time is special and here at Women First, we are excited to share that experience with you. Ask about our 3D/4D Ultrasound service for soon-to-be moms!

We are offering this service exclusively for our Women First patients. Our expertise is in providing the best care for you and your developing child throughout your entire pregnancy and the ultrasound is just one part of that journey.

What exactly is an ultrasound?

Quite simply, an ultrasound sends sound waves into your abdomen. When these waves are reflected, a picture forms on the screen.

The first look at your baby is always exciting and a 3D/4D picture gives you details such as facial features, fingers and more that you wouldn’t be able to see in a medical 2D ultrasound. That’s because in a 3D/4D ultrasound the sound waves are sent at multiple angles forming a very real picture of your baby in the womb.


Dr. Webb is so kind. When I was in labor for my third one, she came to deliver my baby even though she wasn’t on call and she was very pregnant at that time as well!